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Taj Mahal Architecture

Every time we try to write about Taj Mahal, words really fall short. So much has been written about this beautiful white marble mausoleum, like who built this, where it is located and lot more like this. Even the architecture of Taj Mahal is worth watching and worth writing. Visitors love to spend hours watching the splendid Taj Mahal architecture, the beautiful gardens that surround it and for that matter, the entire ambiance. In this section, let us brief you about the Taj Mahal architecture which has by now become classic.

Taj Mahal Architecture
One of the most finest example of the Mughal architecture, Taj Mahal is definitely an architectural wonder in India's history. It took almost 22 years and 22,000 workers to complete Taj Mahal. Essentially square in shape, with peaked arches cut into its sides, the Taj Mahal surmounts a square marble platform marked at each corner by a high minaret. Topped with a huge central dome, it rises for over 55m, its height accentuated by a crowning brass spire, itself almost 17m high. Carved vases of flowers including roses, tulips and narcissi, rise subtly out of the marble base, a pattern repeated more colorfully and inlaid with precious stones around the four great arched recesses on each side.

Taj Mahal- AgraThe Main Tomb
Although Taj was built as a monument that would become a symbol of Shah Jahan's love for Mumtaz Mahal, but later it was decided that it would also be their final resting place. The south face of the tomb is the main entrance to the interior. A marble screen, cut so finely that it seems almost translucent, and decorated with precious stones, scatters dappled light over the cenotaph of Mumtaz Mahal in the centre of the tomb, and that of Shah Jahan next to it. The 99 names of Allah adorn the top of Mumtaz's tomb, and rest into Shah Jahan's that are the hallmark of a male ruler.

Proud Architects of Taj Mahal
No mention of Taj Mahal architecture can be complete without talking about the famous architects who designed Taj. These are the architects who work out on the main design and layout of Taj Mahal. The names of the chief architect who worked on the Taj have been noted Ismail Afandi, who designed the hemispheres and built the domes, and was from Turkey. Qazim Khan came from Lahore to cast the gold finial that would top the dome. Chiranji Lal was called from Delhi to pattern the mosaic architecture of Taj Mahal. From Shiraz in Persia came master calligrapher, Amanat Khan. Stone cutter Amir Ali was from Baluchistan. Ustad Isa of Tukey is however credited to have been the main architect. It was sheer hard-work of these architects who made the dream of Shah Jahan a living reality.

Garden Mausoleum
Taj Mahal- Agra The initial design and layout of Taj Mahal was designed in a way that it would symbolize the heaven. Dissected into four quadrants by waterways, they evoke the Islamic image of the Gardens of Paradise, where rivers flow with water, milk, wine and honey. The "rivers" converge at a marble tank in the centre that corresponds to al-Kawthar, the celestial pool of abundance mentioned in the Koran.

Taj Mahal - Agra
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